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Week 18 and 19 Roof and Windows

Last week in preparation for the windows our builder covered the entire building with 1 ½” of blue foam board.  This provides an extra R7.5 insulation value to the wall (bringing the overall insulation to almost R30) and most importantly covers all the wood framing , which is about R5, removing what are called cold…
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WEEK 17 : Sewers!

Once installed, sewers are not sexy or even visible, but they are an essential component of the project. Also, due to a scheduling problem, we couldn’t build the front porches on Kippendavie until the sewers were in.  After waiting way more than considered usual, the utility stake-out was finally done.  (It’s really important that you…
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WEEKS 15&16 : Rooms!

On the roof, skylights are installed, and the eave edges, sky light curbs and valleys are covered with ice and water shield – a thick sheet of bituminous roofing material that sticks to the plywood.  It is used at these critical areas where ice or water could otherwise work its way underneath the shingles.  It…
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