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Architects Brian Lee and Marilyn Lake designed three side-by-side homes on this Toronto Beach neighbourhood street

A Stress-Free Home Building Experience can only happen when you engage a collaborative team of talented and experienced Architects and Contractors whose main objective is creating the perfect house for you. This recent project was featured in the July 2018 edition of Canadian House & Home Magazine and is a great example of just such a creative partnership.

When The Ideal Environment was commissioned by a repeat client to design a third home on their Toronto Beach neighbourhood street we knew it had to be the best quality design and construction possible.

The Ideal Environment partnered with Paul Barber of Infinity Fine Homes, a frequent collaborator. Brian says: “We only work with contractors that appreciate the design skills, attention-to-detail and organization we bring to a project, while Infinity adds valuable input on budgeting, construction methods and detailed project management. Together we offer a team service that creates a beautiful home and ultimately saves the client money, stress, and time.” 

The curved front porch evokes the waves of Lake Ontario

The clients wanted their new garden home to have a “beach house” feel. A soft, wave-like, curving front porch roof, running the full length of the house, evokes the waters of nearby Lake Ontario, presents an inviting entrance facing the street and visually connects to the owners homes next door. 

The cathedral ceiling with custom finish to lighten and brighten the wood

The central great room facing the garden offers a light-filled cathedral ceiling with curved fir trusses and columns. Infinity used their trusted supplier Canadian Timberframes from Golden, BC who provided excellent craftsmanship. Their detailed computer drawings could be also cross-checked with the architects drawings to ensure a perfect fit.

Great room with view of the garden through glass doors

For the finish, Marilyn created a four-step process to treat the wood that allowed the natural lightness and texture to show through. 

The view from the great room towards the dining room
A gracious dining room under a cathedral ceiling
Stained glass allows light into the space and adds an artistic touch
A light and bright master bedroom
An elegant bedroom under a curved wood ceiling
Family room
The bathroom offers both a luxurious tub and a stand up shower
Doors leading to Garden
The view of the house from the back garden
Seating beside an outdoor fountain

Other members of the team were Peaks & Rafters Interior Design who provided the lovely furniture & kitchen, and Janet Rosenberg who designed the beautiful garden.


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