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The Ideal Environment / Brian Lee Architect
50 Kew Beach Ave,

Toronto, ON, M4L 0A7
Telephone: +1 416 363 7199
E-mail: marilyn@theidealenvironment.com


The Ideal Environment is an internationally recognized full services architecture and design firm. For over 25 years, we have painstakingly crafted architectural design solutions to reflect the dreams, aspirations, and practical needs of our clients. Whether designing a custom cottage or a multi-purpose entrepreneurial office environment, every project touches our clients on a deeply emotional, spiritual and visceral level. Our work is also cost effective, saving clients’ money in the immediate and long term.

In our downtown Toronto office, we have developed a unique consultation process that ensures client satisfaction. Our process gives clients the opportunity and guidance needed to think deeply and to communicate what they want. It helps clients avoid the fear that their architect won’t listen to them, leaving them a home or office that they don’t absolutely love, or worse, that doesn’t work for their needs or is over budget.

Being conscious of time and budget is important to us because it can ensure the success of your project. Budgets are taken seriously and the size and cost of the building or interior is monitored from the very first sketches. We also provide clients with regular updates.

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Brian Lee and Marilyn Lake

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