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WEEK 1: Process of Demolition

The demo experts from LIONS DEMO arrived on Thursday and began to carefully demolish the two houses. They took one half down strategically. Then took great care with the north house to bring it down with ease to ensure it would not collapse outwardly. The Demo experts carried out material separation on site. Wood and…
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The two existing buildings will be brought down to prepare for excavation. Today marks the start of construction after the long process to get this building made. Brian and Marilyn were on site to see the first bite being taken away! Let the Demolition commence!!! [envira-gallery id="5680"]
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PRE-DEMOLITION Before the demolition began, we had Habitat for Humanity come visit the two buildings. All valuable materials such as Kitchens, plumbing and lighting were removed for sale at their restore. The cast iron radiators were sent off to be reused in other buildings. And scrap metal and piping was sent for recycling. In addition,…
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