The Architect Advantage Workshop

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Cottage Design Workshops are 3.5 hours and are by appointment. To book a personal workshop session, call our office at 416-363-7199 or email

By registering in this 3.5 hour Cottage Design Workshop you will receive:

  1. A review of your ideas and an explanation of how construction material selection can affect costs and long-term maintenance.
  2. An analysis of your site for relevant zoning regulations and how it will affect what you can build.
  3. A checklist for how to select an Architect and a contractor.
  4. A review of your current plans for flow and costs.
  5. A personalized design and construction timetable for your project.
  6. A sketch floor plan showing how your cottage could fit on the property.

This personalized and private coaching session will help you get your cottage project on track, help you learn how to create the cottage design you want, and teach you how to build it on schedule, on budget and avoid costly extras!