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The Ideal Cottage and Country Home Design Workbook

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When it comes to your home, or home-away-from-home, don't ever settle.

Our design workbook will help walk you through your vision...

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Week 18 and 19 Roof and Windows

IMAG0779Last week in preparation for the windows our builder covered the entire building with 1 ½” of blue foam board.  This provides an extra R7.5 insulation value to the wall (bringing the overall insulation to almost R30) and most importantly covers all the wood framing ,...
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WEEK 17 : Sewers!

Once installed, sewers are not sexy or even visible, but they are an essential component of the project. Also, due to a scheduling problem, we couldn’t build the front porches on Kippendavie until the sewers were in.  After waiting way more than considered usual, the utility stake-out was finally done.  (It’s really important that you...
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